About Me

Male Massage in Noosa- Get full Body Relaxation

I became interested my healing while working as a personal carer in an aged care facility. My clients often commented that I had healing hands, I put this down to the lack of contact ( touch ) elders receive while in care. This lead me on a new and exciting path of assisting in healing through massage, although I no longer work in aged care I am thankful for the experience it provided. I am known to be of a caring nature, genuine and honest. My clients past and present all say what they experienced when being treated by me was always informative, beneficial, soothing and of genuine interest.

The style of male massage in Noosa I perform is designed to suit the individual client and their needs.

Why choose a male massage therapist?
There are many reasons , I offer a discrete personalised service tailored to suit your individual needs, my techniques are delivered to body by what your body tells me through my hands.
All information recorded is only seen by me and is stored in a secure location. This Information will only be shared with your written consent.
It is a common myth that a good massage will hurt and you should feel pain, this is not true, you may feel some discomfort during acupressure but you should not feel pain or experience any bruising. During any massage performed by me I will check on your comfort, warmth and position and also check on pressure used .
Yes you may be put into some unusual positons, but your dignity will be respected at all times.
At your first appointment information will be collected on how to assist you on your journey to recovery or relaxation, a full assessment will be conducted on your range of movement and this will be recorded for future reference.
In my clinic I use a quality lotion that requires no showering after use, you can leave my clinic and go out to dinner. Most other clinics use oil which gives you that greasy feeling.
As a male I understand how the male body works and what we as men put our bodies through, I may get you to do stretches and exercises that seems pointless until you have done them. I would never ask you to do anything that I am uncertain of.
I am qualified and accredited and value my business as much as my clients.
I have current CPR and 1st Aid Qualification and studying to be a Registered Nurse.